Sharia/Halal Investment Management

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As a premier regional financial firm, we’re confident we can help you build an investment strategy that adheres to your Islamic beliefs. Our Halal investment management service is a great way to diversify investments, without sacrificing investment performance.

Shariah/ Halal Investing

Shariah/ Halal Investing

We feel confident that we can provide ongoing fiduciary portfolio construction and investment advice for our Muslim clients. Amana Mutual Funds Trust and Azzad Funds are two fund companies that we believe are the bare essential investment building blocks. Both of these companies screen for…

  • Riba
    An increase in capital without any real services provided. Riba is prohibited on both sides of the transaction – giving as well as taking.
  • Gharar
    Any financial transaction or contract (such as insurance) which includes an element of chance.
  • Haram
    Examples include companies which derive significant income from the processing or sale of alcohol, tobacco or pork. Other prohibited industries are defense/weapons, gambling, pornography and financial firms that charge or pay interest.
Halal Investment
Halal Investment

Both companies also assist with the calculation of…

  • Purification
    To require any investment income generated by unlawful activities to be donated to charity
  • Zakah
    Annual sharing of wealth above Muslims’ basic needs

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