Start a New CollegeAdvantage 529

How to Open a new CollegeAdvantage 529 for your child:

Step 1:

Go to the CollegeAdvantage website and follow the instructions to open a new account for your children: Click Here.

  • You should have all the information you need to open you account except for investment selection:
  • You may read their Offering Statement for more information if you like.

Step 2:

Goto your rebel Financial Personal Website, enter your new login credentials to the CollegeAdvantage plan(s) you just setup, so that we can help you monitor your new account(s).

Step 3 (optional):

As a client, you may use our optional service through LastPass to share your login information to your new account(s)so we can periodically review and rebalance your investments directly.

Step 4:

At our next scheduled meeting we will review your account(s), refine investment selections, and pursue further financial planning (if necessary).