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Technology can be confusing and frightening to some people. Traditionally, the banking and finance industry have been far behind in keeping up with technological change due to security concerns and the implementation difficulties consummate with their large size. Fortunately, we are a small firm and can implement technological solutions quickly. We do this by doing the heavy lifting for you. We make it intuitive and comforting so that we can save you time and money while giving you access to some of the best financial tools available.


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rebel Personal Financial Website:

Our flagship product is your own rebel Personal Financial Website. Here you can manage all your financial accounts, track your spending and coordinate with us online to keep your financial plan current and on-target. Click here to learn more.


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rebel Financial, is pleased to join MaxMyInterest as a partner in helping our clients obtain higher yields on their FDIC savings accounts. Max isn’t a bank, nor is it an investment vehicle. Max never takes custody of cash. Instead, Max simply helps link your existing checking account to online savings accounts that offer a much higher yield, and then optimizes the allocation of cash among these accounts, automatically. Funds remain in your own bank accounts at all times, and all funds transfers are handled by the banks themselves. Click Here To Learn More!


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Financial Personalities:

The Financial Personality Assessment is a series of questions which will lead you on a quick journey of self-discovery. It will help you see your differences from others, and uncover some of the things that make you unique. It will also help communicate your differences, your preferences, and some of the most important details about your uniqueness should you decide to work with a professional financial advisor. Click Here To Learn More!


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Despite all of our advances in technology, the world still invests the vast majority of its financial assets using a combination of gut instincts, hunches, emotionally-driven decisions and “what we learned in college.” As a result, when markets pull back, investors typically pull the plug—locking in horrible losses, sitting out the recovery and waiting until the market “feels safe” again to reinvest at the top, and repeat the cycle. Riskalyze is transforming the industry by empowering rebel Financial advisors to capture a quantitative measurement of client risk tolerance, and use that data to help new & current clients, capture and meet expectations and quantify suitability. Click Here To Learn More!


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Using LastPass will allow you to share your account login information securely with us so we can manage your “held away” accounts more effectively without us having to know your login and password. Using a Password Manager is something you should be doing already, but if you’re not this is a great opportunity to start so that you can protect your information to a much greater degree and collaborate with us more effectively. Click Here To Learn More!


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AppCrown conducts an in-depth analysis of a client business and develops an overview of the core business functions, including technology and practice management. Key to our clients’ success is the implementation of our resilient and effective operational methodologies and working practices specifically designed to achieve business efficiency by automating repetitive tasks and processes, eliminating redundancies and reducing errors.


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eMoney Advisor:

eMoney aggregates more than $1.7 trillion dollars in assets for more than 30,000 financial professionals across three countries and in all fifty states, serving a million end-clients. In a manner unparalleled by any other system, eMoney has helped rebel Financial increase assets under management, identify product opportunities, and win our clients’ confidence and loyalty.


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Morningstar Office:

Morningstar Office is the premier product of Morningstar, which is the leading provider of third party investment and market research. We integrate Morningstar’s research with our account management to provide a high level of investment oversight. Learn more about our Morningstar Office integration.


Docusign LogoDocusign:

We have leveraged the proliferation of smart phones, tablets, and computers to make doing business with us as effortless and secure as possible. No more printing, emailing, faxing, mailing, or having to come to the office to sign forms for us: With Docusign, just verify your identity, click to sign, and you’re done in seconds – from any device, anywhere. Read more.



This is our pride and joy. This is what makes the internal gears of our efficient technological marvel tick. Salesforce coordinates all of our data and allows all of our other third party software and cloud computing work together seamlessly. Although, you probably will never directly see it working for you, which means it’s doing its job well, we still wanted to share with you the investments we’ve made to make rebel Financial one of the premier financial service companies in the world. Click here to learn more.


Choice of Multiple Custodians:

Regardless of where you keep your money, we have the ability to be your advisory firm. We have direct integrations with TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, and TIAA CREF, which allows our technology systems to better manage your assets to streamline process & procedures, and to deduct fees directly from your account (rather than you paying them out-of-pocket). If you choose one of these custodians, we can pass this cost savings onto you. However, we have no conflict of interest in your selection of custodian because we have built these extra costs/discounts into our fee schedules which are published here and it is purely your prerogative which custodian you choose to hold your assets. Already have an account? Login here.