Using LastPass with rebel Financial

Can’t keep your account with us but still want us to manage it for you? No problem!

Use a Password Manager/Vault to collaborate with us:

Using LastPass will allow you to share your account login information securely with us so we can manage your “held away” accounts more effectively without us having to know your login and password. Using a Password Manager is something you should be doing already, but if you’re not this is a great opportunity to start so that you can protect your information to a much greater degree and collaborate with us more effectively.

Please watch the informative video below to understand what LastPass is and how you can use it:

You can use LastPass on any of these devices if you signup for a premium subscription ($2/mo):

  • Windows PC
  • Mac
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Windows Phone
  • Blackberry
  • iPad
  • Just about any other tablet.

Please read more about LastPass by visiting their website:

How to use LastPass with rebel Financial:*

1) Download and install LastPass

2) Make sure the username and password for the financial site you’d like to share with us is saved in LastPass

a) Also, save any security questions in the “notes” section that we would need to be able to answer to be able to successfully login.

3) Go into your LastPass Vault and find the applicable login information.

a) Click the share button (looks like a two people silhouette).

4) Type in our email address:

a) Chose “Share – password will remain a secret”

b) Push the big red “Share” button.

5) One more step if your account provider uses 2-step verification (where they send you a text or email with a verification code to be able to get in:

a) You can choose the less tech savvy option by just giving us one of the 2 delivery methods (text or email).

i) Our Email –

ii) Our number to use for Text – (614) 441-9605

b) Or you can setup a filter/forward in as described in these Youtube videos:

i) Gmail to automatically forward the code when it comes to your email. See example here:

ii) Outlook to automatically forward the code when it comes to your email. See example here:


*Please note that you may not share account information which would give us the authorization to withdraw funds.  rebel Financial does not take custody of client funds and this would effectively put us in custody of your funds.