Compensation, Fee Schedules, & Disclosures

Compensation, Fee Schedules, & Disclosures:

We are completely transparent and want to provide all clients and potential clients with any pertinent information about us and our firm.  Please read below and contact us if you have any additional questions:

How you compensate us:

Please reference our complete pricing schedules below:

  1. On-going client models.
  2. Flat fee models.

rF Fee Schedules:

* Preferred Custodians for NQ and IRA Accounts include Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Lincoln, Jefferson National, and TIAA CREF.
** Discounts may be applied where applicable and when warranted, at the discretion of rebel Financial LLC.


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rF Filings & Firm Brochures:

rF Client Agreements & Disclosures

  • Sample Client AgreementThere are different versions of this document for varying client service levels so your actual agreement may vary depending on the service level you select.
  • Privacy Policy

TDAI Disclosures and Fees: