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Who needs Estate Planning Services?

Who needs estate planning?  Estate planning can be useful for virtually everyone since it is the guidance of ones assets no matter how small or how large.

Do I Qualify for Estate Planning?

Benefits of Estate Planning

  • Minimizing your expenses.  When you die without an estate plan, you may be at the mercy of the court.  The results are not likely what you would want and it could be costly.
  • Move you assets to your loved ones quickly and ease the process for your loved ones.
  • Plan for your incapacity.  Being incapacitated can be a bigger burden then death on your family.  Having a plan will make things easier on all and your wishes can be carried out.
  • Provide for those that will need your help

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Estate Attorneys

greg_arensteinG. Gregory Arenstein – Greg started Arenstein & Andersen Co., LPA, with Nicholas I. Andersen in March of 2010. Greg has many years of legal and tax experience working with clients on a wide array of transactional issues. Greg is an experienced problem solver with the ability to assist clients with their most complex needs and the ability to communicate with his clients in plain English. Greg values personal relationships and is client focused. Greg was named to the                                                          2016 Columbus CEO’s Top Lawyers List.

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